Before leaving iRobot, Jim Lynch led the development effort on several robots including Roomba, many accessories, and over 50 interactive toy concepts during his 11 year tenure. He is also the creator of Looj, the world’s first gutter cleaning robot. Previously, Jim worked 10 years for the research arm of LEGO toys leading to the development of robotic LEGO MINDSTORMS. Contact: jimlynch at

During his experience at iRobot, Barry Stout developed software and product specifications for the new Roomba. Also at iRobot, he led a team of engineers for new product and sensor development. During the previous 10 years, Barry developed many popular consumer printers where he earned 16 patents for his work along with several more pending. Contact: barrystout at

Jim and Barry founded Robot Add-Ons, a subsidiary of Friday Innovations Product Development, to deliver innovative, germ free and green solutions for today’s home robots. Our engineers have been developing well known robots for the last two decades, so we know robots. We have partnered with top companies involved with making health conscious products and it remains our goal to bring modern cleaning technology to consumer robotics. We make robots better.

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