KeepOut Strips for Roomba®

The ultimate in keeping your Roomba® free of chairs, bed frames or even the Christmas tree skirt? Robot Add-Ons KeepOut Strips allow you to safeguard the places where you don’t want Roomba® to go. Specially designed soft black strips can be arranged in straight or curved patterns to keep Roomba® away from difficult areas while it cleans the rest of the room. Our battery free strips use Roomba’s® cliff detectors to fool Roomba® into thinking it sees a step, causing it to backup and turn away. Each KeepOut Strips kit contains four 18” long strips you can align together or use separately. Works with all Roomba®, Scooba®, Karcher®, and Samsung® robots!

Patent Pending

Only $19.99 for 4 strips!

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