"Pretty impressed with the way the cardboard frame just snaps right in. I hated throwing away the plastic ones. Itís amazing how much more stuff the filter traps. Two thumbs up!"
by M. Scott, Pheonix, NV 7/10/2009

"Finally, a high efficiency filter for my Roomba."
by R. Richardson, Schaumburg, IL 6/30/2009

"Iíve been using my Roomba for a few years now (love it). My new soft bumper feels great and a cinch to put on."
by B. Hopkins, Chico, CA 6/20/2009

"Works great on pet hair."
by eBay buyer 7/14/2009

"I have this one piece of furniture that trips up Roomba. With the KeepOut strips, I can now solve the problem. Thanks!"
by L. Hanks, Austin, TX 3/25/2010

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